Even as a child growing up in Ohio, I was always looking for creative and interesting ways to make life better and lots of fun for my friends, family and elderly neighbors. By the time I was ready for college, I knew I'd found my calling to help others in meaningful ways. Because I was especially fond of children, I made the decision to attend Teachers College at the University of Cincinnati. After earning my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and teaching third graders for 2 years, my husband and I moved to the Boston area where I continued to teach for a few more years.

By 2001, after spending time at home with my young sons I began my work as a professional organizer assisting clients overwhelmed by the myriad tasks involved in furnishing new summer homes. Researching and organizing information, managing purchases and working with contractors on their behalf was a true pleasure and reminded me of my calling; to do what I can to help someone else have a better day!

Once I learned about the growing field of professional organizing, I made it my goal to learn more through independent study, hands-on practice, workshops and seminars, and membership in the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and its local chapter, NAPO-NE.

My personal experiences as a school teacher, home-schooling parent, rental property owner, small consultancy bookkeeper, and elder service volunteer have given me the necessary skills needed to assist clients with a variety of household and home office challenges. Additionally, experience as a teacher of children of all ages and abilities has taught me that my clients, too, are individuals with different learning and living styles. My goal is to discover what works for each individual and to provide motivation to maintain systems and habits that contribute to better living.